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World’s Safest Pile Testing System Launched

March 30, 2017

Datum Systems are proud to unveil the world’s safest pile testing system.

The Titan 650 represents a new era in static load testing for pile and anchorages.

Developed by Datum Systems for Atlas Pile Testing Systems the Titan 650 will revolutionise the practice of pile testing.

Borne from 20 years experience and expertise the Titan 650 encapsulates the very latest technology and practices to create new standards for the industry.

The Titan 650 is the worlds safest, most precise, accurate and technologically advanced pile testing system on the market.

The Titan 650:

  • sets new standards for health and safety
  • offers unrivalled levels of accuracy
  • provides absolute and immediate test control
  • complete testing transparency
  • gives great expediency and efficiency

The Titan 650 is remotely controlled and allows the test controller to apply a schedule of load steps to maintain load for any duration.

The systems records pile and reaction movement and presents data in really time. It has a sophisticated pump control system to deliver load through the jack to very high accuracy and efficiency.

Wireless displacement sensors record the pile movement and a wireless load cell records the load applied by the Titan 650. Additional sensors record the movement of the reaction frame and kentledge.

The Titan 650 will be available from April from Atlas Pile Testing Systems via their website – or by emailing