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Wireless Automated Rail Monitoring

Datum Systems have created a range of wireless automated rail monitoring devices.

Wireless Automated Rail Monitoring

Wireless Automated Rail Monitoring

Datum have developed a range of bespoke wireless automated rail monitoring systems.

Our products provide solutions to a wide range of problems that can affect the railway system from monitoring critical rail temperature to track cant and twist, stanchion to slope movement and beyond.

Our range of products can be used in isolation or as part of a system utilising the Datum developed Data Logger powered by our SolarMate renewable energy sourced and streamed anyway in the world via Platform Interactive.

The hugely successful RailtempMate was developed in conjunction with Network Rail to facilitate remote access to accurate and reliable measurement of rail temperature.

Rail temperature recordings are streamed according to clients wishes via our Platform Interactive software presentation suite allowing for continuous monitoring – whilst alarms can configured if temperature limits are reached.

The VoidMate is an innovative dynamic track void monitoring systems which is remotely programmable and provides continuous reading of track stability.

Wireless track cant monitor TrackMate is a wireless track cant monitor whilst TrackWatcher is a system consisting of six TrackMate sensors and a LoggerMatch to provide a system which monitors track condition following the construction of an under track crossing or UTX.