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WASP Deployed At M20 Bridge Collapse

August 27, 2016

Kent Fire and Rescue have deployed the Datum developed WASP after a bridge collapsed onto the M20 motorway.

A huge section of the pedestrian bridge collapsed onto the carriageway after a vehicle struck a pier on the Eastbound carriageway.

The incident occurred on one of the busiest travel days of the year leaving a motorcyclist injured after he was forced to take evasive action.

Kent Fire deployed a WASP to monitoring the surviving section of the bridge as they began the clean-up and attempted to make the area safe.

WASP co-founder Rory O’Rourke, CEO of the Datum Group, said: “The bridge collapse has been declared a major incident and Kent Fire deployed the Warning Alarm for Stability Protection.

“As we understand it there was concern as to the structural stability of the remaining pier as emergency services workers attempted to deal with those caught up in the incident.

“We designed the WASP to be used in multiple scenarios and this is another example of the versatility of the equipment.

“We understand one WASP has been placed on the pier using the WASP Multi-Purpose Plate and a ratchet strap which will alert if any further movement occurs.

“It is amazing given how busy the motorway must have been that there was no serious injury but of course there will now be huge pressure to clear the danger and ensure that the motorway can be reopened as soon as possible.”

Kent Police immediate declared the bridge collapse a major incident and the motorway was immediately closed and is unlikely to be reopened for the next 24 hours.

The crash happened near the junction with the M26, which links the M25 London orbital with the M20, the main route to the Channel Tunnel and the Port of Dover for people traveling to France and across Europe.

The crash had knock-on effects across the motorway network after the eastbound M26 was closed to stop further congestion in the area, leading to queues on the M25, which travel reports said was “effectively down to two lanes.”

To learn more about the Warning Alarm for Stability Protection click this link.