Datum provide a range of services to the UK utility sector.


Utility management is critical for the safe production of water and energy for our consumption and the UK’s productivity.

Our services to the utility sector include monitoring of sewers, pipelines, water courses, reservoirs, dams and every type of infrastructure asset within the natural, urban and industrial.


Datum combines the best available technologies together with our years of experience to deliver cost effective results for our utilities clients.

Our services include monitoring of sewers, water supplies, pump stations, reservoirs, water courses and every type of infrastructure asset within natural, urban and industrial environments.


Monitoring is often required during third party works and also for general maintenance to safeguard the operation of assets.

We work together with our clients to provide specialist services and monitoring equipment to meet specific and bespoke requirements individual to each project offering land survey services, automation of monitoring systems and the presentation of thousands of data points.


Other sectors we serve