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Datum monitor and test a wide range of transportation assets multiple sectors.


The transportation sector presents Datum with the opportunity to monitor and test a wide range of assets from highway structures, runways, waterways and marine structures.

As infrastructure ages, its condition becomes more critical. As does the importance we place on it.

Expansion & Development

Datum has been providing testing, measurement and monitoring services to the transport sector since 1999.

Our organisation has worked on many of the UK’s major transport infrastructure and construction projects since our inception.

The UK transport network is under constant repair, expansion and development.

Using our own wireless interfacing systems and low impact, high resilience designs, Datum’s automated solutions provide a critical role in measuring conditions, status change and the surrounding environment.

Turnkey Service

Using in-house, experienced and qualified technicians, we provide a total turnkey service of support, installation and operation throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

As the UK rail industry leaders in asset monitoring, Datum monitors hundreds of earthworks, bridges, tunnels, permanent ways and a myriad of other assets to ensure the safe and efficient running of the railway.

Airports, waterways and docks require critical asset monitoring to safeguard performance and measure conditions, confirming safe passage for vessels and aircraft as well as the surrounding infrastructure.

Data is streamed in real time via Datum’s Platform Interactive software suite means that trends, deterioration or status change can be tracked and limits applied to the assets serviceability.


Automated Total Station

Automated Total Stations provide automated monitoring of deformation and settlement in structures and excavation support systems.

Wireless Automated Monitoring Systems

Wireless automated monitoring systems used in isolation or as part of a system provide long term remote monitoring solution.

Wireless Automated Geotechnical Monitoring Systems

Wireless automated geotechnical monitoring devices can be used in isolation or as a complete system. Examples include the SlopeMate Arrays and multipoint PiezoMate.

Structural and Geotechnical Condition Monitoring Systems

Automated long term monitoring of structural assets perform asset managed to available conditional and serviceability.

Automated Environmental Monitoring

Remote controlled automated systems provide compliance measurements of ground borne vibration, noise and dust pollution.

Pile and Foundation Structural Testing

monitoring systems are installed securely within piles and onto structures to record data during pseudo-static and dynamic testing.

Manual Monitoring

Manual monitoring is a viable and suitable method of monitoring where site deterioration is gradual and low risk and in scenarios where automated monitoring methods are not suitable.

Environmental Monitoring

Manually operated systems to provide measurements of ground borne vibration, noise and dust pollution.

Manual Structural and Geotechnical Monitoring

Datum engineers perform manual structural and geotechnical monitoring of transport infrastructure assets.

Survey Services

Datum have been providing surveying services to the transport sector across the UK since 1999.


Datum Systems have created an innovative range of products specific to the transport sector with data streamed via Platform Interactive.

Data Presentation

Platform Interactive is an innovative, sophisticated yet simple to use software suite which allows clients instant access to information.

Full Project Management

We can provide full project monitoring and surveying management services.

Other sectors we serve