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Remote Blast Monitoring Focus For Quarries and Mines Magazine

August 22, 2017

Focus On Remote Blast Monitoring Service

Quarries and Mines 2017 have featured a new remote blast monitoring service offered by Datum and EPC Metrics.

The annual publication, now in it’s 20th year, is an essential source of information for individuals, companies, institutions and organisations working in the quarrying and mining sector.

This years magazine includes a feature on a new remote blast vibration monitoring services developed by Datum’s partnership with EPC Metrics for the UK quarrying and mining industries.

EPC Metrics is the standalone vibration monitoring arm of EPC-UK, a leading UK force in the field of commercial explosives and blasting services.

The innovative new service, uses state-of-the-art fixed monitoring stations to facilitate the immediate access of blast vibration data, thus removing the need to travel to and from a monitoring location and the time consuming manual download of results in the field.

Measuring both vibration and air over-pressure, once triggered, the autonomous stations automatically send event data to cloud-based servers with immediate publishing of results on a customised web platform with options for email and text message notification.

Being more than just a portal, the bespoke web platform, ‘Platform Interactive’, has been specifically designed for the management of blast vibration data.

Full sensor histories for each monitoring station can be viewed with an online preview of vibration waveforms and access to the original seismograph files in addition to event reports. Individual events can also be assigned to a Blast ID facilitating easy cataloguing and identification of data.

Quarries & Mines provides companies and organisations with a unique opportunity to reach their target audience. Distribution is to decision makers and professionals working in quarries and mines across the globe, including mineral planning departments, contractors, and suppliers of mining and quarrying equipment.

In the UK, the publication also goes to members of Association of British Mining Equipment, Association of Consulting Engineers, British Association of Colliery Management, British Cement Association, the Chartered Institute of Building, Civil Engineering Contractors Association and Engineering Employers Federation.

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