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Is Your Track Smart?

Dynamic Track Void Monitoring

Is Your Track Smart?

VoidMate is an innovative dynamic track void monitoring system.



VoidMate is an innovative dynamic track void monitoring system. It is remotely programmable and provides continuous recording of track stability.

Dynamic Track Void

It means Permanent Way Managers have continuous access to dynamic track void readings via smartphone, tablet or computer and removes the requirement to access the track.

Each VoidMate can be configured to alarm in the event of void detection with alerts sent to any number of recipients by SMS, email or direct communication via Datum’s manned 24-hour Control Centre in Manchester.

The VoidMate is a cable free, compact, portable and highly durable solution for Permanent Way managers responsible for maintaining track stability.

Permanent Way

Its rapid easy-fit locking mechanism makes it easy to install and relocate. An in-built solar panel means that the VoidMate may never need recharging once in the field.

VoidMate provides Permanent Way managers with crucial information about the presence of track voids allowing them to anticipate potential failures, safely schedule maintenance work, reduce the cost of repairs and improve safety and customer experience.

Key Advantages

  • Removes the need for manual on track-measurements
  • Optimises resource management
  • Reliable, accurate and repeatable
  • Suitable for short and long term deployment
  • Continuously measurement of track voiding
  • Remotely programmable
  • Multi-network on board communications platform
  • GPS locator

Key Features

  • Single action dual purpose ‘carry-clamp’
  • Designed for the rail environment
  • Compact and portable
  • Rapid easy-fit locking mechanism and anti-tamper option
  • Simple to install
  • Built-in multi-network communications platform
  • Interactive web-view of data on Platform Interactive
  • Multiple and variable alarm limits, communicated online, by SMS or email with 24/7 technical support

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