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Wireless Track Cant Monitor


The Datum Systems developed wireless track cant monitor is used throughout the rail industry.


Easy Deployment

The Datum TrackMate incorporates a specially designed shroud and clamp which is deployed quickly and effectively onto any sleeper type.

The innovative design means the TrackMate does not have to be removed to allow normal machine track maintenance to be carried out.

The Datum TrackMate is suited perfectly to the environment and built to last in service on track for many years.

TrackMate Array

The sensors are fully ‘plug and play’ with data transmitted to the LoggerMate and then directly to Datum Interactive developed software suite Platform Interactive.

The TrackMate is battery operated system with a long service life of many years.

The TrackMate can be used as a solitary unit or as part of a system whereby any number of TrackMates are together to monitor a complete section of track, known as a TrackMate Array.

Key Advantages

  • Battery powered and simple to maintain
  • Continuous readings with programmable features
  • Allows track maintenance without removal

Key Features

  • Robust and site ready design
  • Wireless and cable free installation
  • Rapidly deployed with a long service life

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