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Is your track smart?

Critical Rail Temperature Monitoring

Is your track smart?

RailtempMate is an innovative automated critical rail temperature monitoring system.



The RailtempMate provides Permanent Way Managers with constantly updated rail track temperatures allowing them to anticipate potential failures, avoid unnecessary speed restrictions and minimise the time spent working on or near the line.

Easy-fit locking

The RailtempMate is a sustainable, cable free, compact, portable and highly durable CRT system.

It is fitted to the rail foot in under 60 seconds via an easy-fit locking mechanism whilst an in-built solar panel provides power to recharge a 22Ah internal battery meaning it may never need re-charging once in the field.

RailtempMate continuously records track temperatures from -55°C to +125oC and can be remotely programmed to send limit alarms to any number of recipients by SMS, email or direct communication via Datum’s 24 hour manned Control Centre in Manchester.

24/7 Monitoring

Data is streamed to the Datum developed secure website Platform Interactive (PI) and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world via smartphones, tablet or computer.

RailtempMate is fully interactive and has been designed in conjunction with Network Rail Permanent Way Engineers as a Critical Rail Temperature (CRT) management system project.

Key Advantages

  • Removes need for manual on track measurements
  • Optimises resource management
  • Reliability, accuracy and repeatability
  • Rapid response to changeable weather systems
  • Continuously measures track temperature
  • Remotely controlled and programmable
  • Innovative and state-of-the-art communications platform

Key Features

  • Single act dual purpose "carry-clamp"
  • Designed for the rail environment
  • Compact and portable
  • Rapid easy-fit locking mechanism and anti-tamper option
  • Simple to install
  • Built-in multi-network communications platform
  • Auto non-contact off/on switch
  • Interactive web-view of data on Platform Interactive
  • Multiple and variable alarm limits via SMS, email or 24/7 technical support

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