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Lloyd Acoustic

Lloyd Acoustics are an independent company specialising in the development of pile testing systems for the building and civil engineering industry.

Lloyd Acoustic

At the forefront of Automated Load Testing

Lloyd Acoustics have developed their own test system, which operates automatically, unattended, considerably improving safety and efficiency. Our specialised plant and equipment is designed and built in-house and our growing number of specialist services allow greater flexibility and enable sustained growth.

Lloyd Acoustics provide quality-assured, innovative systems and our state-of-the-art technology and equipment, ensures we are well placed to meet our clients’ technical and commercial needs.

What is a Pile?

Piles are a type of foundation which are generally driven into the ground or put in place by the process of excavation and drilling.

Datum’s sister company, Lloyd Acoustics, conduct pile integrity tests to assess the condition of these piles. Lloyd Acoustics have designed and built an automated, remote controlled load testing system, capable of operating automatically and in an unattended manner.

This flexible and efficient system also reduces risk to site operatives and improves safer working practices.

This automated system can be applied to a variety of the load tests Lloyd Acoustics carries out; the most common of which are static load testing, compression testing, tension testing, lateral testing, instrumented pile testing and CRP testing/CRU Testing.

As well as testing autonomously, Lloyd Acoustics also offer dynamic pile testing, cross-hole sonic logging and ground anchor testing.