Norwich Science Festival Welcomes Network Rail and ‘Datumville’

November 1, 2018
Norwich Science Festival Welcomes Network Rail and ‘Datumville’

Datum was delighted to attend and participate in the Norwich Science Festival, which took place 19-27 October 2018, at The Forum in Norwich.

An annual event, the Science Festival runs for nine days, with inspirational exhibitions, sensational shows and an abundance of hands-on science and engineering activities for all ages and all levels of knowledge, plus a dedicated learning programme for schools, youth groups and home educators.

Specifically, Datum created ‘Datumville’, which was presented as one of Network Rail’s activities at the Festival’s Engineering day (Tuesday October 23rd).  The purpose of ‘Datumville’ was to explain to visitors how Network Rail and Datum ensure that the railways are safe for passing trains.  The activity included a role play element, which challenged children of all ages to be: (1) an Asset Manager and identify hazards around the railway; (2) a Technical Expert and find an appropriated monitoring technique for each hazard; or  (3) a Data Analyst, monitoring and analysing the data received from the monitoring devices.  The activity was presented on a triptych and received great interest and engagement.

Thank you to all who participated and to Norwich Science Festival for organising such a great event.

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