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Network Rail Approve VoidMate

June 15, 2017

Network Rail Approve VoidMate

Network Rail has approved the Datum Group’s innovative VoidMate track void monitoring system.

The VoidMate provides continues recording of track stability and streams data wirelessly via Datum’s bespoke software suite Platform Interactive.

It means Permanent Way manages have continuous access to dynamic track void readings via smartphone, tablet or computer and removes the requirement to access the track.

Datum Group CEO Rory O’Rourke, said: “We are delighted that the VoidMate has been Network Rail approved. It enables Permanent Way Managers to improve track safety.

“The VoidMate provides highly accurate and continuous monitoring of track voiding. Data is streamed continuously with alarms alerting users of potential dangers.

“Crucially it removes the need to take manual track measurements or block lines, which optimises resource management and reduces the cost of repairs and improves safety.”

Network Rail approved the VoidMate after a successful trial period. It follows the Datum Group’s Critical Rail Temperature monitoring system RailtempMate onto the NR Approved list.

The VoidMate can be configured to alarm in the end of void detection with alerts send to any number of recipients via SMS, email or direct communication via Datum’s 24/7 Control Centre in Manchester.

It can be installed in minutes via the dual purpose ‘carry-clamp’ and is powered by an inbuilt solar panel, which means it can left in the field for long periods and may never need recharging.

The VoidMate is cable free, compact, portable and highly durable. It is remotely programmable and can be used in isolation or as part of system.

Data steamed to the Datum developed Platform Interactive suite is presented via interactive maps and customisable lay-out options of sensors on site.

To discuss the VoidMate or other products in the Datum Group mate range contact:

Network Rail Approval Number: PA05 / 06798

Download the VoidMate brochure by Datum Voidmate Network Approved.