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Datum are UK leaders in geotechnical and structural monitoring.


We provide monitoring and measuring solutions for engineering assets and infrastructure for a variety of sectors in the UK and around the world.

Since our launch in 1999 we have provided monitoring solutions to the rail, construction, transportation, energy and environmental industries.

Cutting edge technology

We manufacture, install and operate our monitoring systems to the highest quality and industry standards creating bespoke solutions to satisfy client requirements.

Our approach is highly innovative combining the best of traditional methods, experience and expertise with cutting edge technology which includes the ability for clients to access data 24/7 via the Datum Interactive developed software suite Platform Interactive.

Worldwide growth

Datum Monitoring now operate from six locations around the UK, Ireland and in America.

We have provided rapid response emergency support services to hundreds of high profile assets around the world.

We continue to expand as our reputation as one of the most dynamic infrastructure monitoring organisations in the world continues to grow.


Automated monitoring

Turnkey management of automated monitoring systems which deliver optimal function, rapid data dissemination, total reliability and value.

Automated Total Stations

ATS provide unattended and scheduled automated monitoring of deformation and settlement in structures and excavation support systems.

Wireless Automated Rail Monitoring Systems

Wireless automated rail monitoring devices for a range of scenarios from critical rail temperature to track cant and twist, stanchion to slope movement and track voiding.

Wireless Automated Monitoring Systems

Wireless automated monitoring products can be used in isolation or as part of a system.

Wireless, Automated, Geotechnical Monitoring Systems

Wireless automated geotechnical monitoring devices can be used in isolation or as a complete system.

Structural & Geotechnical Condition Monitoring Systems

Automated structural and geotechnical condition monitoring services provide crucial data for asset managers without the need to visit site.

Automated Environmental Monitoring

Automated environmental monitoring including remote controlled automated systems providing compliance measurements of ground borne vibration, noise and dust pollution.

Pile and Foundation Structural Testing

Monitoring systems are installed securely within piles and onto structures to record data during pseudo-static and dynamic testing which is used for analysis to calculate capacity.

Manual Monitoring

Manual monitoring is a viable and suitable method of monitoring where site deterioration is gradual and low risk and in scenarios where automated monitoring methods are not suitable.

Manual Structural and Geotechnical Monitoring

Instrumentation designed to provide detailed information about structural condition of tunnels, bridges and other infrastructure.

Manual Environmental Monitoring

Manually operated systems to provide measurements of ground borne vibration, noise and dust pollution.

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