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Datum Interactive provide bespoke software solutions for clients who need reliable data access at all times.


Our uniquely developed software suite, Platform Interactive, provides clients with real-time around the clock information at their fingertips.

Datum Systems developed remote monitoring equipment continuously streams information with the data immediately displayable via Platform Interactive.

Data management

Our data management and presentation software suite means clients have remote access to all of their Datum Systems developed equipment in the field and removes the need to send engineers to site.

Data is continuously streamed via Platform Interactive providing clients with the ability to forward plan, reducing costs and crucially allow for safer working practices.

Flexible, fast and secure

The Platform Interactive software can be configured to send alarms to any number of recipients via SMS, email, telephone or via our 24-hour manned Manchester Control Centre.

Platform Interactive is built on the latest technology from Microsoft Azure and is designed flexible fast and secure.

Platform Interactive ensures clients remain ahead of the curve and allows them to reduce costs and allow for safer working practices.