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David Nuttall MP Praise For Datum

April 30, 2016

MP Hails Datum ‘Great’ Example

David Nuttall MP has hailed Datum a ‘great’ example of British manufacturing.

He hailed the Datum Group as an example to others during a tour of the Bury headquarters and introduction to staff.

Nuttall is the Conservative MP serving Bury North and met Datum CEO Rory O’Rourke to discuss the opportunities created for local people by the thriving business.

He said: “I often hear the problem with Bury is that there is no manufacturing and there are no well paid jobs. I know from my visits to Companies in and around Bury over the years that actually the truth is very different.

“I saw further evidence of this yesterday when I visited a great Bury based company yesterday called Datum Monitoring.

“They provide technical services and equipment which essentially measure the movement of surrounding buildings during excavation activities.Rory-O'Rourke-and-David-Nuttall-MP-at-Datum-House

“They employ dozens of people here at their headquarters in Bury and dozens more around the Country with some overseas as they export their goods and services.”

Mr Nuttall met staff and was introduced to the Mate range of products manufactured by the Bury based team but distributed around the world.

He was given a preview of the Titan 650 which will be officially launched next year on behalf of Atlas Pile Testing Systems.

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