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Datum Star At Rail Live

June 22, 2016

Datum’s RailtempMate and VoidMate were the stars of the show at Rail Live.

Rail Live is the UK’s largest exhibition for the rail industry. The two-day event showcases everything from rail plant and infrastructure, traction & rolling stock.

The Datum developed RailtempMate is a robust, cable-free unit that measures, records and transmits rail temperature.

The sensor connects remotely providing 24-hour temperature control and can be configured to alarm on temperature limits.

VoidMate is an innovative dynamic track void monitoring system. It is remotely programmable and provides continuous recording of track stability.


Both send real-time data to clients via their smartphone, tablet or desktop including crucial alerts to potential dangers.

Datum CEO Rory O’Rourke, said: “We are particularly proud of both the RailtempMate and VoidMate.

“They provide clients with the opportunity to view real-time data and around the clock and have obviously safety benefits, given they remove the need for manual readings.

“Previously to measure track temperature or to assess whether voiding was occurring, the process involved physically sending two employees to the area of concern.

“This was a costly, labour intensive process and potentially hazardous whilst always being susceptible to human error. The RailtempMate and VoidMate remove those concerns.

“Datum can monitor on behalf of clients and send warnings when track temperatures or voiding reach particular levels or the clients can do it themselves using our unique software package Platform Interactive.”

The Datum team created a stunning display featuring full sized rail track complete with ballast to showcase how the RailtempMate and VoidMate work.

The display also featured Datum’s Track Watcher, an innovative wireless track cant monitoring sensor used throughout the rail industry.

All three sensors, the Track Watcher, RailtempMate and VoidMate utilise the Datum developed software package Platform Interactive.

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