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Datum Partner EPC UK To Launch Blasting Service

September 2, 2016

Datum Monitoring and EPC UK have launched a new remote blast monitoring service.

EPC Metrics will provide dedicated remote monitoring service for blast vibration and air overpressure movement.

The service will facilitate the immediate access of event data via state-of-the-art fixed monitoring stations, removing the need to travel to or from a monitoring location, and the time-consuming manual downloading of results in the field.

EPC Metrics is suitable for both short and long-term projects with remote monitoring stations installed at both internal and external locations around a site.

Monitoring stations can be customised with trigger levels set remotely.

The stations transmit data to a cloud-based server with results published immediately to a web portal, providing users with instantaneous access to event information whilst alerts can be sent via texts and emails to specified recipients.

Datum CEO Rory O’Rourke said: “We are delighted to partner EPC UK with the launch of EPC Metrics. This is a state of the art solution which allows clients to monitor blasting remotely.”

Geoff Adderley, Commercial Manager for EPC-Metrics, added: “EPC-UK has successfully provided traditional blast monitoring services for a while, but EPC-Metrics takes this offering to another level.

“A fixed monitoring location provides a consistent point of reference for reliable results whilst the real-time transmission of data saves our customers both time and resource, as they no longer have to download results in the field.

“The EPC-Metrics web portal also provides instant access to both current and historic events from a monitored location, providing a comprehensive life-cycle view of a particular site.”

The remote monitoring stations incorporate a GSM modem for wireless data transmission, together with the option for solar power, allowing the service to be provided even in the most isolated of locations.

EPC-Metrics are supported by EPC-UK’s team of skilled explosives engineers who can provide detailed analysis of captured data, including site laws and predictive models; as well as the development of innovative blast designs to minimise environmental disturbance.

Mr Adderley concluded: “EPC-Metrics offers users a more efficient way of monitoring blast vibration and air overpressure, aiding the tracking of compliance and providing a greater understanding of site characteristics.”