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Datum Byte Night Homelessness Fundraiser

October 5, 2017

Byte Night Fundraiser

Datum Group CEO Rory O’Rourke will join thousands of fundraisers and sleep rough to raise awareness of homelessness.

He will join a six man team from Datum’s IT partners Happiest Minds for the Byte Night charity event at Salford’s Media City on Friday October 6th and sleep under the stars.

Hundreds of like-minded people across the UK will take part in the mass sleep-out across 10 locations to raise awareness, and vital funds for the Action for Children charity.

The event is the largest annual fundraiser for Action for Children, which has raised more than £9.6 million since the event was launched in London in 1998.

O’Rourke said: “The issue of homelessness in general, but particularly homelessness in young people is something we have to work together to try to end.

“According to Action for Children there are more than 83,000 young people in the UK who are out there on the streets – alone, scared, penniless, and some cases abused! How can that be right?

“The team from Happiest Minds joined Byte Night last year and when they invited me to join them this year I was only too happy to oblige and try to help in what little way I can.

“For us, the sleep out will only be for one night but some young people, this is the predicament they face every night and we must work harder to ensure more is done to bring an end to homelessness.”

Happiest Minds are a digital transformation IT consulting & services company, who have been working with Datum Group for the  past 18-months ‎and are passionate about raising awareness of homelessness.

Isaac George, Senior Vice President & Country Head at Happiest Minds Technologies has been supporting Byte Night since 2005 and will be joined by colleagues Srini Parthasarthy, Akshat Tripathi, Shivakumar Viswadoss and Narendra Kairamkonda.

Sponsor the Team

You can support the team by making a donation via our Just Giving page by clicking the following link:

Byte Night – Learn More

Action For Children – About

Action for Children does what’s right, what’s needed and what works for children in the UK by supporting more than 390,000 children, young people and families each year.

In particular, Byte Night works to support some of the 83,000 young people who are homeless in the UK every year through no fault of their own.

Family breakdown, mental health issues and abuse in the home are just a few of the causes which lead to many young people becoming homeless.

Action for Children has supported many young people to a safe and happy future. Unfortunately, so many more still need our help.

We help disadvantaged children across the UK, from before they are born until they are into their twenties We help them through fostering or adoption – and by intervening early to stop neglect and abuse. We make life better for disabled children and we influence policy and advocate for change.

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