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Bury Grammar School Engineering Club Visit

On Friday, 15th February 2019 Datum was delighted to welcome pupils from Bury Grammar School Engineering Club, to its head office in Bury.

March 12, 2019

During the visit the pupils were given a tour of Datum’s workshop, where they learned about how monitoring and testing equipment is manufactured.

Following the tour, a talk was given by Datum’s Rory O’Rourke, about the history of engineering and how relevant their studies are to a career in engineering. The pupils had the opportunity to demonstrate their skill and knowledge when they took to their workbenches and were shown how to construct a magnetic motor using a battery, an elastic band, safety pins and a magnet.

Speaking about the visit, Rory O’Rourke said “I believe that a career in engineering is exciting and rewarding.  The year 6 kids from BGS know this already it seems, as they were all very keen to tell me all they knew about technology.  I challenged them to learn more today and they responded with vigour”.

Bury Grammar School has a long history of academic excellence and is continually embracing new technologies and innovative teaching methods.  A leading school in the region, where pupils consistently reach outstanding academic standards.  Datum was delighted to host this visit and hope that the day has sparked an interest in the pupils to consider a career in engineering.